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8 May
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+d'espairsray+, 12012, abstract, accessories, acting, alice nine, aliene ma'riage, an cafe, anti-feminism, art, as'real, ayabie, bags, bands, bass guitar, beetlejuice, books, boots, candy stripper, cinema strange, clothes, coffee, computers, concerts, cosmetics, crafty, creativity, customised clothing, d, daft punk, dancing, danger*gang, decora, design, designer fashion, despairsray, digital art, dir en grey, doremidan, drawing, dreams, earl gray, edward scissorhands, evanescence, faktion, family, fanfiction, fantasy, fashion, fatima, fluffy, food, friends, frilly, fruits, gackt, ganguro, gay rights, gazette, gloves, goth, gothic, gothic & lolita, green hair, hairstyles, hats, history, hysteric glamour, individuality, internet, inugami circus dan, j-rock, janne de arc, japan, japanese culture, japanese street fashion, je*reviens, jrock, kana, kaya, kimono, kissing, klaha, kogal, kyo, la:sadies, lareine, layers, legwarmers, literature, lolita fashion, lolita23ku, lolita23q, loose socks, make-up, makeup, making things, malice mizer, manga, merry, mist of rouge, moi dix mois, movies, music, nightwish, painting, people, phantom of the opera, photgraphy, photographs, photography, piercings, plastic, plastic tree, platforms, poetry, psychology, reading, rentrer en soi, romance, scarves, school girl uniforms, seether, self portraits, sewing, shoes, shopping, socks, street fashion, style, syndrome, takuya angel, tattoos, the candy spooky theater, the candy spooky theatre, theatre, three days grace, tights, tim burton, unconventional, velvet eden, vidoll, visual kei, writing